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Hey @ihor,

I am looking to add a text attribute after the price number. So in my website it shows up for example $500 (USD). I want to make sure my customers know exactly what currency they will have to pay for the service or how much a freelancer will be paid from an employers listing, as I operate in a country where it may not be obvious that i operate in my local currency.

How can I add this?



If the Price is just a custom attribute you can do this by creating another attribute Currency (of Select type, with currencies as options) then you can set this display format for the Price:

%value% %listing.currency%

If Price is added by Marketplace extension then there’s no way to do this because the checkout will be in the WooCommerce currency anyway, Marketplace uses a single currency for the earnings and refunds calculations.

The price is currently displayed with the marketplace extension. I am just worried about users from other countries coming to my platform and signing up and not being 100% sure what currency the platform is in. For example, I had a user from India sign up and my currency is in Hong Kong Dollars, but they had no clue.

Would it be an idea we put it in featured requests to see if there is much interest in this? Also, is this something that can be custom-coded if for example, i hired someone on Fiverr?


If you use Marketplace then the currency symbol should be added to the price (the one set in WooCommerce settings), there should be no plain numbers. You can also try using some currency switchers for WooCommerce - they will work for switching the default currency for display, but please note that the actual payment on checkout will be made in the primary currency.

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