Add description to listing description

I need to lead the user of my site to know what to write in their description box.

I have the membership and bookings extensions.
I have seen on here snippets being provided for maximum and minimum booking places etc for example.

Can someone please advise whether it is snippets or something else, that I need to give a leading question within the description box for example. So that the user can complete the description box with the right information.

Are there any videos or docs to support this tutorial?


Please check the solution in this topic Add description to description field - #4 by nikita

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​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thank you, that is great and worked really well. (I also updated license keys in my profile, so thank you for that :slight_smile: )

Is there a snippet for a placeholder actually within the box? Where do I find these snippets please?


If I understand you correctly, please check this topic Add a placeholder text for the description field

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