Add external link to "Book Now"


Is it possible to change the “Book Now” button in the rentalhive theme into a external link for each listing? For instance, the property want to redirect to its website or booking sysmte.

Thanks in advance.

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If you don’t need the booking features please try to disable the HivePress Bookings extension in WordPress/Plugins. Then you can add a custom external link (button) using attributes in Listings/Attributes.

P.S. If you purchased any of the themes or extensions please set the license key in the forum profile, this will enable the Premium Support badge - which ensures a 24-hour turnaround time.

Hi Andrii,

I managed to add a custom external link but as text, not as button.

There is no option to show it as button in “Display” settings within “Edit Attribute”.

How can I do it?



If you need to display the attribute as a button, then you need to make changes to the format of the attribute, you can see this tutorial, here is an example of creating a button How to add a WhatsApp button - HivePress Help Center

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