Add image or emoji in attribute title field

I try to add different attributes for listings, one of them is color. Is it possible to add image or emoji in attribute title field? Like see below in picture

It’s possible to do it.

If you’re on Mac :

  • TopBar
  • Edit
  • Emoji and symbols

Then you can Add Emojies

I don’t think it’s possible to add images.

If you’re under Windows, try to copy and paste emojies from there for exemple.

Hope it helps.

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Nah, that’s not work.

Seems to be ok when I test this locally Awesome Screenshot

Mac or Windows?

This was tested on Mac but emojis are Unicode so should be available everywhere, I simply copied the emoji from the GetEmoji website suggested above.

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I did the same, but there is no result.

My bad, I guess, I was misunderstood. It goes deeper, after new attribute creation (I see, an emoji is available) there is new option, like you see below in picture. The structure of those options is like a category one.

If you mean emojis in the attribute title or options it also seems to be ok Awesome Screenshot But maybe it’s a Windows-specific issue. Emojis are added to Unicode so this should work with any OS.

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