Add images button hover problems

So, using the Taskhive theme, on all forms, be it user, listing og requests, the add images button acts up.

It’s clickable, but the hover effect when mouse over doesn’t work properly, neither does the hover css styling it seemes. The cursor just changes to a hand when in the outskirt of the button.

This happens on the taskhive demopage aswell

Thanks for the details. This is specific to HivePress in general - we use the input[type=file] overlay with opacity:0 for this button to style the file uploader, so yes if you mean styling the button itself using :hover this may not work because if this. Maybe it’s possible if you target hovering the previous element and use the + selector.

I see - Its not that I am trying to style the button - just that the UX feeling of hovering over that button feels off when the cursor is not responsive / changing as you would expect - as it does on the exact same looking buttons further down the form that adds pricing tiers and so on. Is there a way to fix this? Minor annoyance, but still. :slight_smile:

Thanks, we’ll try to improve this. It may be possible in the current version, but this would probably require CSS tweaks.

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