Add link to reset search filters

It would be great to offer visitors to reset the filter. Not being able to reset the filter becomes particularly problematic when filtering by radio buttons. Say you filter for colors and you offer the options “red”, “green” and “blue”. If one filters by “red” and then decides to want to see “all colors” again, this is simply not possible and leaves the user unclear how to see “all colors” again. So, resetting all filter options (or having a possibility to reset radio options) would be a great advancement for the theme! Thanks for considering it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback, we added this feature to the roadmap.

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Thanks! This would be a great feature!

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Thanks, that’s fantastic news! When do you think could the feature be available?

Sorry, there’s no ETA yet but we’ll try to deliver it as soon as possible.

Sweet– that would be amazing! Already looking forward to this feature :slight_smile:


Any updates on this topic? Do you have an ETA?

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Sorry, not ETA for this yet. If it’s urgent this may also be possible with customizations.

What do you mean? I would need to hire someone to do it or is there a code snippet that can do the trick?

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Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet to add this feature, yes this would require a custom implementation if it’s urgent (e.g. via Fiverr or Upwork, we also started offering custom work recently).

I’m in no hurry to implement this since I’m in the early stages of this project.
Instead of a custom implementation, wouldn’t it be best for all your customers to have this as part of the Hivepress themes from the jump?


Yes, it would be better to release this for everyone but there’s a long queue of features to be implemented and we follow this queue (also checking the number of upvotes here). Custom work is an option for those who want to add specific features for their website, or sponsor a common feature (to change its priority this way) and agree to release it for the community.

I understand that you have a long queue and you, as you should, follow it.

On the other side, this shouldn’t be custom work material. Such basic feature should/must be prebuilt in this kind of product. When we apply filters we should be able to clear them. That is the user experience expected.

We, your clients, (and I believe I speak for others out there) should not be expected to pay, to you or a freelancer, for what should be a simple core functionality.

Don’t get me wrong, I like your product and would be happy to invest in actual custom work that is specific to my needs, but this is in the best interest of ALL your clients because it allows for a better experience to their clients.

Hope you can see it from this perspective and implement it in your next update.