Add listing button doesn't work with Kadence theme

Hi there, I recently open 2 support tickets to help me with the expert hive theme that I am using with hivepress, but before I got a chance to reply both of my posts got marked as spam and were removed so I couldn’t send me reply… I am not sure why there was nothing promo based in my ticket.

I do still need help as the ‘list a services’ button on the homepage still isn’t working and isn’t linking to anywhere I have managed to find a share link for the website. I have refreshed the permalinks, and there is no option on for me to disable the cache for logged in users there is only an option to clear the cache. I am using Kadence Blocks to build the front end of the website so I can’t disable that plugin. I would really appreciate some support as this is my first time building a hivepress website and the last 2 tickets have been removed.

I have managed to find a share link for the website, please see the button in the header that isn’t working:

Thank you again for your help in advance, please don’t remove my tickets again I am a genuine user with a real website using hivepress and need help please. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Hi! As I know, HivePress have not an official support (tested, and working?) for Kadence. Yes, Kadence is using Gutenberg, and the Hivepress uses too, but this is not tested by anyone. So if you encountered a problem, maybe ask from Kadence, they have support (and tested) for HivePress, or not.

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Okay thank you, I will contact them too, is there any other way of editing that button, or replacing that button with a different one? Or is there no other way of troubleshooting it? Is there a recommended block builder (like Kadence) that is tested and supported by HivePress? Maybe I can switch over to that.

Thank you in advance


Unfortunately, we have not tested such builders, so we recommend using the standard one for WordPress. But, if you want to integrate a third-party theme with our extension, then please check this doc: Compatibility with third-party themes - HivePress Help Center

Okay thank you for your help I reached out to Kadence to see if they had tested HivePress on their end and they said the following:

“Regarding the testing with HivePress, As long as the plugin is developed and updated in compliance with the WordPress codex or the WordPress coding standards, it should work with well with Kadence.”

Is that how HivePress is built?

The button I was having an issue with now links to somewhere but not the packages I have created, I have already followed the video tutorial, would you be able to help with this? I created 2 types of packages but when you click the ‘list a service’ button it just takes you to the original sign up page, and not to the free and paid packages I have created.

The list a service button needs to go to a membership packages selection page, where you can pick what level of membership you are looking for and pay/ sign up like that, do I need to buy membership plugin in order for that to work? Or am I missing some steps?

Thank you so much in advance and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Our products are similarly implemented to the WordPress rules. But please note that we have our own framework, so we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with third-party services, and some of them may require custom integration.

Hi Andrii,

Okay thank you for letting me know, can you please address the point I mentioned in the above message about the membership package please? I will paste below here in this message so that you can see it again.

The list a service button needs to go to a membership packages selection page, where you can pick what level of membership you are looking for and pay/ sign up like that. Do I need to buy membership plugin in order for that to work? Or am I missing some steps? - The main question is if you need to purchase the membership plugin in order to use the membership functionality, as I currently have packages set up but am I correct in thinking they are one time purchases?

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


The membership extension doesn’t restrict the Add Listing process, if you want to charge users for adding listings, featuring or renewing them, then please use Paid Listings extension instead. Then if you add a listing package via Paid Listings, users will have to select or buy a package after the Add Details step of the Add Listing process.

Hi Ihor,

I hope you are well and thank you for confirming the process. I have done this so it now takes the user to a paying option. I am having styling issues with the listing, and the attributes features don’t feel like they are working properly. I am trying to trouble shoot and wanted to check the following:

  • Does Hivepress fully work with (not .org)

  • What is the difference between the vendor attributes and the listing attributes? Do I need to add the same custom ones to each section e.g. if I am adding in location, does this need to be added to the vendor and the listing attributes before it will work? As currently the search part doesn’t appear to be working to properly, I have read the docs and I no longer know what else to try. - please see the screenshot of where even with almost all of the filters selected nothing is coming up, when there should be loads of people showing up.

Please see the link to the website here for you to take a closer look please:

Thank you in advance, kind regards,


Thank you in advance.


As for the display of attributes in the primary area, we recommend that you specify a maximum of two there, then everything will be displayed correctly. And for other attributes, consider other display areas. Listing attributes are details for the listings themselves, but vendor attributes are details for the vendors themselves, for more information, check out these docs: How to add listing attributes - HivePress Help Center, How to add vendor profile fields - HivePress Help Center

Also, as for search, it may not work due to incorrect attribute settings. For example, checkboxes by default work through “AND”, not “OR”, if you added all the items, as in the screenshot, then it will search for all values, and if this value is not in the listing, then nothing will be found.

Yes, we fully follow WordPress’s function.