Add Listing: Problem on uploading/showing images (live server)


I have a problem with images on my live server (HostGator).

  • On “Add Listing”

  • If you “Select Images” use, uploading of images last too long, it just shows an loading.

  • Also, it will not be shown a preview of images (over the button “Select images” should be a small preview of selected images)

  • After creating a listing, on listing page, main photo of listing in block will not be shown (just grey). If you go into the listing, you can see all photos.

This problem I have on live server on Hostgator. On local development, I do not have problems, expect uploading of image last a little bit to long.

Do you have this probem?
What could cause this problem?

Where do you deploy your page that use ListingHive?

Block image in Listing page looks just like so:


Thank you for your answers in advance.
I wish you a nice day.

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Please make sure that there are no server restrictions that may cause this issue, you can also try disabling third-party plugins How to Increase the Max Upload Size in WordPress
If the featured image is not assigned this means that the uploading process is not finished correctly. We use DigitalOcean for hosting the theme demo, I highly recommend it if you have the basic server management skills (any VPS hosting would be better than a shared one), or you can check providers based on DigitalOcean servers (e.g. CloudWays).
Hope this helps.

Thank You ihor

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