Add listing publication to both employers l and freelancers

The question addresses the integration of two platforms, HivePress listing, and TaskHive, to cater to both employers listing job opportunities and freelancers seeking work.

For instance, imagine a scenario where individuals can post job listings(what job want) on the HivePress platform, specifying their requirements for employers. On the other hand, freelancers register on TaskHive, showcasing their skills and expertise.

To facilitate this process effectively, users should be prompted to upload their CVs and other relevant documents while creating their profiles. This ensures that employers have access to comprehensive information when evaluating potential candidates, and freelancers can showcase their qualifications and experiences to attract potential employers.


In our extension, everyone registers through one form. However, users become vendors only when they have at least one published listing (or the direct registration for vendors feature is enabled). Also, please check this doc How to add a vendor registration form - HivePress Help Center. You can publish listings using the Add Listing button, and freelancers can register through direct registration. After that, you can activate the Requests extension and enable the Allow sending personal requests in HivePress > Settings > Requests feature, so vendors can send personalized requests.

‚ÄčI hope this is helpful to you.

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