Add listing selection to the message form

I’m looking to add a field to the send message form

So the form currently has Message field and a file upload field
I want to add a field to the form that is a drop down list showing all active listings on there account.

so then they will be able to say ill swap you this item for your item
hope this makes sense and really hope you can help you have been brilliant so far.

It may be possible to add the listing drop-down for the existing hidden listing field (there’s a hidden field that indicates to which listing the current message is related to, it’s set when the message is sent via the listing page and the listing link is added to the message), but if you mean a new listing dro-down while keeping the current listing in the message details unfortunately there’s no simple snippet for this, because the selected listing also has to be stored and displayed somewhere.

So basically I need a drop down list that displays the logged in users active listings something that is taken from hive press but can be added in as code

Possibly like this

Selection source = logged in users listings if that makes sense .

I understand, but please describe the purpose of the selected listing, should it be displayed somewhere or added to the New Message email? If you mean using the selected listing for the same purpose as the Reply to Listing button (e.g. if the message is sent via the vendor page and a listing is selected the message will be related to this listing as if it was sent via the Reply to Listing button) it’s possible with a simple snippet because the hidden listing field is already available in the message form. Other solutions would require further customizations.

no the purpose for this would be as follows

you would upload your listing

i would upload my listing (lets call my listing LISTING 55) and imagine i have 4 other listings named LISTING 50, 51, 52 and 53.

i would open your listing and open the send message box

now i would have three fields:
message box
image upload box (optional)

i would type my message out

e.g.hi nice item would you do a trade for this item

i would leave the select image field blank (UNLES IM TRYING TO SWAP FOR SOMETHING I DONT HAVE LISTED)

Now i would click on the list (This would then bring up a list of my current active listings


I will then select the listing i want to offer and click send

This will now send you a message saying i want to trade you for this listing giving you a link to see my listing that i have offerd hope this helps and hope you can find away to do this

Sorry, this would require a custom implementation (adding a new Listing selection, displaying it in the message template, adding its token to the message emails, etc) because there’s no such exchange functionality at the moment.

Ok so how do we get this done?

Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for implementing this, if features beyond the available functionality are required please consider hiring a developer, e.g. via Fiverr (there’s a category for WordPress customization services)

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