Add login to custom menu

I created a button and linked to #user_login_modal but after login I don’t see the logged in user profile as seen in default menu.

How to make it happen in the custom menu


​Please send more details about the issue, and we will do our best to help you (e.g. whether the form itself opens, etc.).

Hi Andrii Thanks for responding

Attached the screenshot, showing two windows
Windows on the top is with custom button to login, link to the button is #user_login_modal.
In this I can login successfully, but the problem is after login I don’t see the options seen in default as shown in the bottom window
Options like displaying the user name after login and access to their listings, messages etc.

Let me know how to get this in custom menu. Having a button is not a mandate but need this signin option in custom menu

Thank you Andrii


Please provide the following details: is this a third-party or HivePress theme? We cannot guarantee 100% compatibility if it is a third-party theme, so there may be customization issues.
We have the function set up so that it picks up the first menu item and tries to add the account to it, but it still depends on the theme.

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