Add max_date to be date 18 years before current date

There is a option to set maximum date and minimum date in custom user attribute in hivepress but only absolute values are accepted. I want to create a filter so that maximum date that can be set to ‘dob’ attribute of user = (current date - 18) .

I want to add age restriction so that only users need to be over 16.

i tried this code but didnt work:

add_filter('hivepress/v1/models/user_attributes', function($attributes) {
    // Find the user attribute with field name 'dob'
    foreach ($attributes as &$attribute) {
        if ($attribute['field'] === 'dob') {
            // Set the minimum and maximum dates for the 'dob' field
            $attribute['min_date'] = '1935-01-01'; // Minimum date: January 1, 1935
            $attribute['max_date'] = date('Y-m-d', strtotime('-18 years')); // Maximum date: 18 years before today
    return $attributes;

Sorry for the delay.

There’s no such filter hook so this code snippet will not work, but I recommend using the hivepress/v1/forms/user_update/errors filter hook, this way you can check any form details and add custom validation errors.