Add monetization options for requests and offers

I think for a services platform (Taskhive) a minimum should be added:

Ability to add in paid packages for sellers, except for advertising:

  1. Number of created requests (from 1 and up to infinity)
  2. number of possible responses to requests from users (from 1 to infinity)

Ability(option) to set:

  1. How many free responses to the request the seller can make
  2. How many free request responses can be created by a specialist

It would be nice if this feature was added soon.

For users

  1. Limitation of 1 request
  2. Capability to buy paid package for creation of more than 1 request (from 1 to infinity)

Any thoughts I will add here

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll add new monetization models for requests. Currently you can limit and monetize making offers via the Memberships extension, but we plan to add more features (something like Paid Listings but for requests).

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