Add multiple file attachments

Hey guys.
1.Can I make the file attachment attribute (for vendors) add multiple files, it’s quite inconvenient to create a new attribute for each document uploaded from a vendor.

  1. Ihor and another question, can I how to create a separate page where vendors who represent the company will be filtered (instead of the name, the company name is displayed)?

Thanks for your hard work :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion, we have this feature on the roadmap.

If you mean changing vendor names to some custom text (e.g. company name) instead of the user name please try creating a custom attribute for this and selecting it in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Display section, then try re-saving some vendor user.

I must have confused you with my question. I have implemented the function of replacing the name of the vendor with the name of the company, by entering an attribute. The question is, is it possible to create a page or block where vendors with the attribute company will be automatically displayed?

And one more separate question.

I decided to add, as it is more my global problem. I would like to make separate blocks or pages for the company and separately for private vendors. And also when working with queries, separate the query service for companies and vendors from each other and separately the query service where ordinary users write queries for vendors and companies. I assume that there are some temporary solutions, perhaps using PHP attributes and snippets and CSS. I would be very grateful if you could suggest how this could be implemented in TaskHive, due to your understanding of the subject.

If there are different vendor types the only way in the current version is making the attribute searchable (you can try the Checkbox type, but I can’t say for sure if it’s compatible with the Text type for editing). You can also add another Select or Checkbox attribute for this, the downside is that vendors will have to enter the company name & set the type using an extra Select field (e.g. Private / Company). We plan to add vendor categories as soon as possible, this would resolve many issues (like making the display name attribute category-specific).

Thank you. :wink: