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this will be a series of feature requests related to making Rentalhive more competitive vs Airbnb, Booking, and others…Some of these have been requested before, but I include all for clarity. I write them individually, so they can more easily be approved/rejected.

Calendar requests:

  1. Urgent! Add the possibility to include as many Booking import links as needed. This is a major request of many of our users.

  2. Possibly in the future add support for channel managers (not a priority as long as point 1 is implemented)

  3. Let vendors show the calendar in different modes (daily, weekly, monthly…)

  4. Show default prices on calendar as well. Currently only specifically set prices are shown

  5. Let vendors block ranges of days (or time slots) via some interface (menu). For example, a little menu with options like:

  • Block all dates
  • Block all dates, except for: [insert specific dates or date ranges]
  • Block specific time slots/time ranges: [insert time range] [insert days/days of the week]
  1. Let vendors add specific pricing to a listing (with several rooms) with a better interface, instead of directly on the calendar. Ideally, with a menu like on number 5:
  • Add specific prices: [insert price][insert date range or specific days or specific weekdays]
  • Add specific prices to rooms/price tiers: [price][date range]
  1. Update the calendar as soon as changes are made. Currently you have to refresh the calendar after you block dates or add specific prices (sort of bug)

  2. Add option for vendors to require minimum/maximum amount of nights depending of the date/season. For example, a vendor wants to force a minimum of 4 nights for bookings between june 1st and august 31st. For the rest of the year, he requires only 2 nights minimum.

  3. If possible, show information about reservations imported to the calendar from other platforms via iCal import. Currently it only shows blocked dates.

  4. Make sure that unblocking dates are also reflected to external calendars via iCal (bug reported before).

  5. Urgent!! Make it possible to select dates on search form and make it work for night/day bookings AND time enabled categories. Currently they are incompatible and searches do not work.

  6. Urgent!! If dates can be selected in the search form, they should prepopulate the dates field in the date picker of a specific listing. Currently, after searching for listings within a date range and selecting a listing, you again have to select the days in the specific listing’s date picker. (reported before)

  7. Similarly, if guests can be selected in the search form, they should prepopulate the guests field in the selected listing.

  8. Date picker in listing. Improvements needed.
    A. It needs to show prices when hovering over each day, instead of only specifically modified prices.
    B. Show rooms left when hovering over a day
    C. If selecting guests is possible, it should show how many spaces are left (useful for shared dorm rooms)

  9. Booking form, if number of guests can be selected, should not let you choose more places than available on that date. For example, if one date accepts 10 spaces, and 7 spaces have been booked already, the system should only let you choose up to 3 spaces (guests). Already reported and approved Show available spaces (guests/slots) available

Hopefully some of these options can be implemented in future updates, even with paid extensions. If any of these are approved, please simply indicate which numbers, so we can all know what to expect.

Thank you

(sorry, my premium support badge expired some days ago :slight_smile: )


Sorry for the delay. We have created a public RoadMap for the Bookings extension, so some of the features are already available there, please check this link: Bookings Roadmap (01/03/2024) – Asana. As for your other suggestions, we will definitely consider them for future additions.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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