Add opening hours for vendors

Hey Folks, I’m really digging this plugin so far. I run a small Chamber of Commerce and I’m using the plugin with the jobhive Theme to build our member directory with the ability for members to post to a job board. I initially started testing by placing the business listings as “listing” post types with the basic plugin, per what was recommended here (Open Hours on Vendor instead of Listing) but I want the ability for the vendor/company to post jobs, so I decided to buy the jobhive theme. Love it so far.

There are a couple of things missing. For one, how to get opening hours on the vendor/company? It’s allow on listings, but not vendors, and with the jobhive, it seems to make the most sense to have them available on the vendor side. It seems like this is a feature that might be in the works, according to the post I mentioned above?

Secondly, I would like a location map to show up on a company’s individual page. When I initially tested and had businesses exist as “listings,” I used the location block on the individual listing template, and I got both a map and the text/url of the address when using the Location block. When I do the same for a Company template, the location block only shows the text/url of the address, no map.
How can I add the map?

Lastly, since the majority of the company’s I’ll have listed will not be using the jobs board, I was hoping that when I include the “Jobs” block on the template, it would just be invisible if the company had no jobs. Instead it shows a search message error " Nothing found - Sorry, but nothing matched your search terms. Please try again with some different keywords."

Are there settings somewhere I’m missing to adjust all of these items, or do I need to add some code snippets to make these things work?

Thanks for building this great plugin! I think it could be transformative for small Chambers like mine!



Thanks, I’m glad it’s useful!

We have themes for different business niches and more are in the works so some may not be integrated with Opening Hours as expected, in case of JobHive Opening Hours may not be useful since listings are used as job listings (with a regular business directory listing represent companies).

If job listings is an optional or secondary feature of your site, I recommend using JobHive with Requests as a workaround, this way you can use listings as companies, and requests as jobs, this would enable Opening Hours and resolved the “nothing found” issue.

If you use the Company profiles anyway, it may be possible to enable maps - please make sure that Geolocation is enabled for companies in HivePress/Settings/Geolocation in Content Types.

Hope this helps.

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For building a Chamber of Commerce website, I think it makes the most sense to keep using it as I am with businesses as vendors. And I think for others like myself, you may want to consider focusing a bit more on giving the same flexibility to the vendor category as you have for listings. I’m using a custom template for my vendor pages, so I can easily take off the jobs block, but in a future update it would be nice to have a block that will only show the jobs if the company has any that it’s offering.

As for geolocation, I do have Company/vendor added for the Content types in the settings. It only returns the address without a map. Enabled in the same way for listings/jobs and the listing page will show both an address and the map using the Location block. It seems like it was just left off for the vendor type.

Actually I was mistaken with the geolocation, after looking at it again, when I did the layout with listings, you can use the listing-map block to add tot he layout, but it looks like there is no vendor-map block available for the company/vendor template to be able to do the same.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to add the same features for vendors as for listings, e.g. favorites, opening hours, reviews etc. We recently did this with Geolocation, it was available for listings only.

Yes, if you created a custom template for the vendor page in HivePress/Templates it may not be available since the vendor page has no map by default, only the location is displayed.