Add option for following vendors

I would be great to have option for the users to “Follow” Vendor and add option under “favorites” in their menu where they can see who they follow or how many followers they have.

Great idea ! Up

This would be nice to have instead of having BuddyPress installed.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this feature. It’s actually already available as a basic extension, in the development tutorial If you download it on GitHub and install it should be ok, it allows users to follow vendors to see a common feed of their listings.

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Just curious, how do we download that followers extension? I went to Github but cant find it. On the tutorial, I see a bunch of parts of codes, but don’t know which ones to add as the code snippet to make it work.

Not a priority but just wanted to see if I wanted to add this feature or not…But couldn’t figure out how to add it…

I think you need to download this GitHub - hivepress/foo-followers: A sample extension created for the HivePress developer docs. by clicking “CODE” and “Download Zip”


Thanks! I’ll try that!

Hello i’ve download the extensions but it’s not working with me…should i manipulate some settings after the installation ?

Please make sure that you downloaded the ZIP package here Release 1.0.0 · hivepress/foo-followers · GitHub and installed it in WordPress/Plugins. It should display the Follow link in the vendor box.


just tried it and it works!! Thanks !!

As an improvement, I would suggest to make “Feed” optional space so can be switched off and add another page where user can see:

  • Number and a list of vendors who she/he follows with unfollow sign next to each one and with a button to see “all listings from this vendor”
  • For Vendors - number of followers that this vendor has.

Also when page loads with listings from vendor - there should be filtering option

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Thanks, this is just a sample extension for the developer tutorial but we’ll consider improving it and listing on

Are there any improvements regarding this plugin as that would be a very good feature.

There are no changes to this extension yet (it was just a sample for the tutorial), but we’ll consider adding more features to it and publishing it on