Add option to decline a purchase

I have had test users working as vendors, ask for the ability to approve or deny purchases made by buyers.

Some users have none-compete agreements with brands and need to be able to deny a purchase.

Similar to the method used when a buyer lists a request and must approve the vendor submission.

It would also be nice to have a decline button with explanation when vendors submit an offer for requests.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this feature. Currently it’s only possible to refund the order if you allow front-end refunds in HivePress/Settings/Orders.

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My test customers have pointed this out as a missed issue. With an influencer marketing platform, some influencers have long term agreements with brands that prevent them from working with conflicting products. A refund only works but offers poor user experience to the buyer. An accept or deny (with explanation) option offers an improved experience. Just a thought, thanks for considering.

Thanks, we’ll try to implement this. Currently it’s not possible with listings, but requests may be a workaround since influencers agree by making an offer first.