Add peer-to-peer invoices

It would be a nice feature if it is possible to make a selfbilling invoice for vendors.

A customer is paying for a job order and receives a invoice. than after finishing the job a vendor can do a payment request. But than VAT is not clear.
The best solution is to send the vendor a self billing invoice for each order he did finish. With the job fee excluding VAT. Commission excluding VAT en than the VAT ammount and total including VAT to receive.

And it should be a option when a vendor do registrate he will fill in his VAT/TAX number and says if he is liable for VAT.

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

I am still trying to figure out which theme I need and my main item for my client is peer to peer invoicing. I have constructed two multi-vendor market places and two holiday rentals for owners sites before within my community for free and to increase local awareness. The biggest headache was that the website was responsible for the Vendor’s products and the bookings because all the orders had the site’s details and logos. If you nail this it would be amazing!

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