Add pricing tiers for bookings


this will be a series of feature requests related to making Rentalhive more competitive vs Airbnb, Booking, and others…Some of these have been requested before, but I include all for clarity. I write them individually, so they can more easily be approved/rejected.

Pricing structure requests:

  1. Pricing tiers for bookings (this has been requested before)

  2. Ability to select rooms within the same listing. This should be integrated with pricing tiers and also with the calendar.
    Example: if I have a house for rent with 3 private rooms with different prices each (20USD, 30USD and 40USD), one listing should contain all 3 rooms. Expected behavior should be:
    Guest chooses a room, for example room 2. Price displays 30USD
    Guest selects 3 nights. Price displays now 90USD
    Guest books the room.
    Calendar updates itself and blocks only that room for those booked dates. The other two rooms should still be available on those dates.
    This is more or less how Booking .com works. It is impossible currently on Rentalhive.

  3. Offer discounts per amount of nights as fixed amount, besides percentage. For example, offer the room for 28USD/night instead of 30USD/night if guest books more than 4 nights. This means that if I book 4 nights, ALL nights booked are charged at 28 instead of 30.

  4. Offer more complex pricing options, like different pricing after some nights. For example, normal price/night is 30USD. After the 4th night, nights are 25 USD. It is different than point 3 in that here the system calculates the first 4 nights at 30 and then the 5th, 6th…at 25usd/night.

  5. Currency selector per listing. Override default wordpress/woocommerce currency and let vendor choose his currency. Helpful for worldwide websites.

  6. Accept decimals in percentage discounts. Currently discounts are only available at 1%, 2%, 3%, etc…Should help to be able to set 3.5%

  7. Option for guests to choose number of rooms AND number of guests, and apply pricing options taking both into account. Currently only possible to “multiply price by number of places”

  8. Offer bulk discounts. For example, add discount if guests reserve more than X rooms or for more than X people.

  9. Offer early bird discounts. For example, if you book more than 30 days in advance, you get X discount (fixed or percentage)

  10. Ability to display on a listing all the pricing structure.

In fact, this is all basically copying the Booking .com way of booking.

Hopefully some of these options can be implemented in future updates, even with paid extensions. If any of these are approved, please simply indicate which numbers, so we can all know what to expect.

Thank you

(sorry, my premium support badge expired some days ago :slight_smile: )


Sorry for the delay. We have created a public RoadMap for the Bookings extension, so some of the features are already available there, please check this link: Bookings Roadmap (01/03/2024) – Asana. As for your other suggestions, we will definitely consider them for future additions. Also, as for the Marketplace extension, we plan to publish a RoadMap by the end of this month.

​I hope this is helpful to you.


there are a lot of updates coming on the Roadmap.But I don’t see Pricing Tiers specifically in Bookings Roadmap (01/03/2024) – Asana

Could you confirm if Price Tiers for Bookings will be coming? This one is really needed…



Yes, this feature has been added to RoadMap.

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