Add recurring subscription feature

Hello, there is provision for a recurring subscription type of payment, with the first month free, if the customer cancels within 01 month, nothing will be charged. If they continue, their credit card will be charged for the monthly recurring subscription.

Olá, há previsão para tipo de pagamento com assinatura recorrente, com o primeiro mês gratuito, caso o cliente cancele dentro de 01 mês não será cobrado nada. Caso continue, será cobrado no cartão de crédito a assinatura mensalmente recorrente.

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Unfortunately, there is no recurring payment function, and users need to manually purchase a package or plan again. But we plan to release this feature in future updates.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

P.S. Please post in English (e.g. via Google Translate); this way, questions/answers may also be helpful for others.

Hi, I’m looking for a system to base the site on and this option is essential for me (recurring payments for vendors for displaying their listings as promoted or providing additional options in the lists). Can you reveal if there is any chance that such an update will be available in the coming months? Even if it will need a additional paid plugin - e.g. Wocoomerce Subscriptions.

Hive Press is great, I really appreciate your work. But it is a must-have for me.

Thank you.


Unfortunately, there is no exact ETA for this feature, but we plan to release it as a new extension. Currently, there is no simple solution, so advanced integration is required.

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I got it. Thank you for your reply. Fingers crossed!

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