Add reviews for vendor profiles

Since this plugin can also be used to create a flea market or a exchange platform for goods/items, it would be much more advantageous if the vendor had their own rating that only refers to their own profile and not to the rating from the reviews, since these listings also look for a be deleted for a while, therefor the “final” rating of each vendor will fall down due the expiration of the listings after a while. This type of plugin would help enormously out of users perspective, because as first if i want to trade some stuff/goods with someone else i would always go to check their reviews directly on their profiles, this also makes the vendor much more transparent and trustworthy.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding this feature, it totally makes sense for marketplaces where listings are hidden once sold, or where listings expire (e.g. events).


This would be awesome!

It is very important to leave reviews for the seller and not just for the single item. Are you thinking of giving this possibility? Thank you if you do.

Sure, there’s no exact timeframe for this feature yet but it has the “approved” tag, this means that it’s on the development roadmap.

hi hior, can you give us some news about when this will be possible?

We will try to include this to the next Reviews update, it should be available by the end of September or earlier.

Thanks you

Look forward. Just writing this here so I get an update when it is available. Thank you!

Good morning ihor, September and October have passed, can you give us any news on this topic? Thanks for your informations.

I also want to add review section for sellers, its really important.

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I totally agree with everyone. I think one of the great solution would be firstly, fixing the mobile display issue for the reviews where it’s shown before the booking section and adding a slider for the reviews. Then it would great to be able to see the reviews on both user’s and vendor’s pages

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Thanks for your feedback and patience. We understand that this feature is important for two-sided marketplaces and will try to add it to the next Reviews update. We’re also assembling a common roadmap this week (for all the extensions) so the development process will be more predictable.

Hi, It will be great there is a capability for vendors to add rate and review for customers. This feature is helpful for creating a Product Rental website, where in vendor will be able to create a trust regarding customers with good Ratings. This type of feature is already present in Uber, Airbnb etc.