Add schema for reviews

I have a problem with custom shema for website

“@context”: “[](;,
“@graph”: {
“@type”: “CreativeWorkSeries”,
“name”: “%customfield(hp-listing__title)%”,
“AggregateRating”: {
“@type”: “AggregateRating”,
“ratingValue”: “%customfield(hp-rating__value)%”,
“bestRating”: “5”,
“ratingCount”: “%customfield(hp-rating__count)%”
“Review”: {
“@type”: “Review”,
“author”: “%customfield(hp-review__author)%”,
“datePublished”: “%customfield(hp-review__date)%”,
“reviewBody”: “%customfield(hp-review__text)%”,
“reviewRating”: “%customfield(hp-review__rating)%”

From rankmath support tell me that This fields are missing ? So it is not allowed to place Review Schema ? Please help me : )

As far as I know, you have a create a schema manually in Rank Math and map schema properties to stored values. In HivePress, rating is stored in the hp_rating meta field, and the rating count is stored in hp_rating_count.

Also, if you use HivePress SEO it adds the reviews schema automatically, also including 3 recent reviews in the listing schema.

Does i need to place something or make any settings or schema to HivePress SEO or only to install the plugin ?

With Rank Math, you’d have to create this schema manually and map properties to corresponding meta fields. If you use HivePress SEO, it’ll automatically detect if the HivePress Reviews is installed and add the review schema to the listing page.

Looks like we cant understand each other like this.

I dont want the whole plugin only for review .
Im able to place the custom schema for Aggregate rating , but when i look on database i dont find custom fields for review sticket to the listing.
The only custom fields that i found in DB is for aggregate rating .

Is the SEO plugin make the custom fields for Review ? Or im just missing something and cant found the right fields ?

Can u please tell me wich custom fields are for author , date , text and rating ← sticket to the current listing

I understand, but with Rank Math only, you’d have to create this schema from scratch. HivePress doesn’t restrict any fields or values regarding this, it stored the rating value in the hp_rating meta field of a listing, and hp_rating_count field stored the number of reviews, etc. - you can try mapping these meta fields to schema properties manually.

If you mean each review, these are stored as post comments (listing is a custom post type “hp_listing”, reviews are a custom comment type “hp_review”). Each review is a comment so author and other fields are standard like for comments, rating value is stored in a custom “hp_rating” meta field.

If you use HivePress SEO, it generates the reviews schema automatically, based on the exact same values (it also includes 3 top reviews in the schema, I’m not sure if it’s possible to compose this schema in Rank Math, only if it allows selecting linked comments manually).

Hope this helps.

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