Add search alerts manually

First, thanks Ihor for great support.
i am 100% clueless with coding, so i always look for easy, out of the box features.

i have purchased the Search Alerts extension, and need help with following.
how do i add email addresses manually for vendors to receive alerts. the user groups i have, will not know how to request alerts nor even use the search feature. but they need to get an alert whenever a new listing is posted.
thank you

Thanks, I’m glad I could help.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to add search alerts for users manually, each search alert must be linked to some user account (not just the email address) and it’s added only when the Set Search Alert link is clicked (by the current user). Setting alerts for other users would require some button or link with user selection (so admins will be able to select other users), this would require a custom implementation.

Thanks Ihor. is there video guidance on how this extension works please. there is documentation on installation. but how does it work. is the search only for search words typed in in the search bar or for listings clicked or both.

just to clarify, i am looking a feature which will send email alerts to users whenever a NEW LISTING (not searches), has been posted. please assist with this. thanks

It’s actually pretty simple, there’s a Set Search Alert link under the Filter button for any search. It saves any combination of search criteria, and if there’s a new listing matching these criteria, the user will get an email notification. Also, it’s possible to view the set alerts in Account/Searches section.

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