Add sidebar areas for widgets

Hi there. Is there any quick way to activate WordPress widgets and sidebar on mentioned pages? It does not really work when I try to do, so I assume that code snippet is necessary to add a sidebar to theme.php.
Thanks in advance for your help and any suggestions.

If you use a third-party theme with HivePress, it’s possible but requires a code snippet. Please check the snippet suggested here Widget Support in a 3rd Party Theme

Thank you very much. I give it a try. Much appreciated. Best

I was able to register the custom widget but it still does not show on listing experts or request pages. Any idea why. I use these on 3rd party theme. Thanks

Please try this code snippet to register a sidebar for the single listing page Widget Support in a 3rd Party Theme You can check if it works by checking if the Listing Sidebar area appeared in the Appearance/Widgets section. Then it’ll display any listings you add on the single listing page. Similarly, you can register other sidebars.

It does work. Thank you very much. Is there any way to add another sidebar this time on the right side of hp-page__content. There is one on the left hand side hp-page__sidebar but I would like to add a custom sidebar to mentioned hp-page__content. Thank you in advance for any suggestion.