Add slider to the category page header

good afternoon! The Bulletin Board project is posted on the site
I want to place a slider for banners, like Smart Slider 3 and display different sets of banners in the ad categories. It is necessary to display banners under the header. Help set up the system. My email is


If you mean adding a slider in the header section of the category pages like this one Взаємодопомога — Дошка оголошень unfortunately there’s no such option at the moment, this would require code customizations.

Can I order this upgrade? On what terms?


We don’t offer customization services yet, but we plan to launch a HivePress Experts program to recommend freelancers familiar with HivePress (already accepting applications). If there are common changes (e.g. layout/styling) required then HivePress-specific skills are not needed, any WP developer will be able to help - in this case please consider hiring someone via Fiverr

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