Add the user's first and last name to the member area


My request follows the required addition of the first and last name in the registration form (Add first and last name fields to the user registration form - Make first and last name fields required for users), as well as the modification of the icon (Modify the "Active" icon in the user area).

Is it possible to add the user’s first and last name above the icon in the member’s area tab ?

Or, at best, a customizable text in which ‘tokens’ can be added, like the first and last name ? Example tokens : %icon%, %label%, …

See illustration below :


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation. If you are familiar with coding or have a developer, we can provide general guidance.


Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any coding skills.

I’ll see if I can call in an outside service provider.