Add title and description to Search pages


we are using RenatlHive alongside with Bookings, Marketplace and Request-Feature. However for the “All Requests” and “All Listings” pages and for all of the respective filter pages only the search facet is visible however it would be great to add a title and some

-Description so that the user knows what he is actually currently looking at.

How could we implement a title and description for listings and requests filter pages within Rentalhive.



Please provide more details, are you familiar with coding or do you have a developer? If so, we can provide general recommendations.

Hey Andrii,

basic knowledge is there, so we could try to implement it. I assume the solutions requires using the usage of HP Blocks?



You can overwrite the header.php template part using the child theme and then change it depending on your needs, please check this doc: How to override template parts - HivePress Help Center. For example, you can use WP is_search and is_post_type_archive functions and add HTML depending on the conditions.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hey andrii,

thanks a lot. Your hints were useful and we were able to add titles and description to the archive and search pages of listings and requests.

However, we still face an “issue” with the archive page of listings we have set in the hivepress settings. Whilst for search of hp_listing the conditions triggers it does not for the default archive page. This is the condition we have used:
if (is_post_type_archive('hp_listing'))


Please also try the is_page(123) condition, and instead of 123, specify the ID of the page you selected as Listings Page in the settings, using if archive or this page.