Add total booking price to the booking request page

Hello you told me to find a coder to customize my booking page because I want to add the price of the stay (for the seller and for the user) and you told me that you can give me indications to personalize (add price with the dates and number of persons), I found the coder, thank you for giving me indications to help him understand the construction of the page and the theme


The easiest way is filtering the hivepress/v1/templates/booking_view_page/blocks template and inserting a new template part to the booking_attributes_primary area Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube

When the template is loaded, you can try to fetch the booking details (from the template context) and add a linked listing product to cart, and then display the cart total (calculation on the listing page before the booking works in the same way).

Hope this helps.

P.S. We plan to add the total price display to the booking request page so a developer may not be required unless this customization is urgent.

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