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Is there a way to get the total price and any fees discounts added to the request to book page? At the moment the flow is add dates on listing page then you click and it takes you to the request to book page with none of the details, no display of price calculated at all or nights requested or fees or anything which helps the prospective traveller know what he or she is buying. This is displayed on the checkout page but this is too late in the customer buying journey if you ask me and impossible to see if there is request to book selected.

I have mocked up what I expect to see. Am i missing something somewhere? Is it maybe a woocommerce setting?

thanks in advance


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation. The total price is displayed only when the Booking Requests feature is disabled.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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I added the key to my profilem is there another place? can you check please?

Why is showin 607 euros when it is just 1 night?

@andrii Please can I get response to my question. Many thanks!


You don’t see a premium badge because your premium support has expired.

As for the price, there may be specifics of the listing settings, you may have a commission, price extras, etc.; you can send a screenshot of the listing settings and check if you have these features configured: How to add guests to bookings - HivePress Help Center, How to enable price extras - HivePress Help Center, How to set up commissions - HivePress Help Center

Additionally, please note that we usually respond within 24 hours in accordance with our support policy: Support Policy | HivePress

I believe this will be useful to you.

Yes all of those are configured.

Please check settings in Admin and Property. The first part shows the calculation errors. None of them are correct.

Video showing calculations not working on booking

@andrii Hi please can you let me know when I will have this fixed? It is rather urgent as people cannot book with confidence when they see the wrong calculations on ‘Add details’ Page and payment page.

Hi when will this be fixed?

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