Add Vendor Attribute to listing block

I have a vendor attribute called “Company Name.” I would like to add this attribute to the listings page for each listing under the Title and above the address. Or I would like to have it added in the Title. (i.e. XYZ Bank - Open Free Account) where the user types in “Open Free Account” but the “XYZ Bank” (Company Name) is defaulted. I can see that %listing% and %vendor% tokens are an option in the setting but I don’t know how they work. Please advise. Thank you.


If you have a required listing attribute, then it may work if you change the attribute display format this way:

%value% %vendor.attribute_name_here%

Then the vendor attribute will be displayed right after the listing attribute value.

Thank yana. Unfortunately that did not work. Do you have any other ideas?

Can you explain how %listing% and %vendor% tokens are used. It said they are an options, but I don’t understand what they do or how to use them. Thank you.

If the Display Format tooltip shows that the vendor token is available, please make sure that you set the vendor attribute name (after a dot) correctly:


Then it should be replaced with a value in the Display Areas where this attribute is assigned. Please note that since this is a listing attribute, it also requires the listing attribute value to appear; you can mark it as Required to ensure this.

Object-like tokens like %listing% and %vendor% require an attribute name after a dot.

I don’t know what I am missing or doing wrong but it doesn’t work.

Sorry for the confusion - the vendor token doesn’t seem to be available (it should be available, but in the vendor attribute display format, while the listing token should be available for listing attributes). Please let me know if you found this in the docs or there’s some tooltip for the listing attributes showing that the vendor token is available?

Thank you for the response. I have not seen any documentation or tips. Just so I am clear, a vendor attribute token can only be used in a vendor attribute display field and not in any other field. (Like a listing attribute display)

So, is there a way to customize a listing title? (Example: [vendor attribute. Company Name] - [“Title” inputted by User on front end])

If I created a listing attribute called companyname, could I do %listing.companyname% in the title and still have the user fill out more title on the front end?

Yes, it’s not possible for the listing attributes but the vendor token is available in the listing title format so you can use it there Screenshot by Lightshot Both the %listing% and %vendor% tokens are available for the automatic title format.

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