Add Zoom integration

Any New about zoom integration pls!?

Yes, we plan to add it as soon as possible because our next theme will rely on this feature. This feature will be added to the Bookings extension.


Hello, any update for add “zoom” in booking ?

Sorry, no update yet but since this is required for the next theme we’ll implement this feature in any case.

Hello, may I ask what this next theme will focus on? I’m trying to make an appointment booking website and was considering the RentalHive theme. The new theme you’re making might be better-suited to my website.

Yes, we plan to release a theme for the exact purpose, time-based bookings (so we want to pre-release a few features for this, like Zoom integration). The same features will be available in RentalHive though since it includes the Bookings extension, but it’s demo doesn’t feature time-based bookings and it’s design is more like Airbnb, in a new theme we’ll try to make the design more suitable for appointments.

That’s perfect. Do you have an estimate of when this new theme will be released? Thanks.

March was said in another post. Real time calls via the theme - #2 by aqmiami7

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