Adding a woocommerce shortcode in the user account dashboard

I am envisioning a way to add a woocommerce shortcode to the listings page in the user dashboard or into its own “page” (not preferred). For this last option I understand I could add a link to the user menu, but can’t figure out what template to modify (custom) or what hook to add.
For the first option, is there a way to just use a filter to add a short code under the list of listing a user has under his account? TIA!

Thank you for waiting. Please try this PHP code snippet.

	function( $template ) {
		return hivepress()->template->merge_blocks(
				'page_content' => [
					'blocks' => [
						'custom_account_listings_shortcode' => [
							'type'    => 'content',
							'content' => do_shortcode('[any_shortcode_here]'),
							'_order' => 30,
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