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I am having a hard time understanding the Memberships extension and the restrictions. I am creating a Coupon site with two different vendors. (Business offering a coupon & Consumer using the coupon). I want the Business to only be able to create a listing, edit an existing listing, renew a listing, see their My Account page and a few other pages like About Us, Contact Us, etc. I want The Consumer to be able to view the Listings, click the listing, click the Business and see other listings that business has. (Plus the other standard pages- Contact Us, About Us, My Account, My Favorites, etc) But I don’t want the consumer to see the “Create a Listing.” Or at least a redirect to a page that says they have to get the Business Membership as well.

I have two Memberships (Business Advertiser and Consumer). Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


Please check the available screencasts here Memberships - HivePress Help Center and also this video How to Create a Members-Only Listing Directory or Catalog with WordPress - YouTube We’ll try to add more detailed docs about restrictions.

Please set the default restrions in HivePress/Settings/Membershios. For example, if you edit the default Restrictions in HivePress/Settings/Memberships and select the Listing restriction with these options available:

Attributes - Hide attributes only
Single Pages - Redirect single pages only
All Pages - Redirect search, category, and single pages

Then if you select (for example) Single Pages , this means that you restrict single listing pages for anyone without a membership. Any purchased plan will lift this restriction. Restricting single listing pages means that anyone can search listings, view category pages etc. but as soon as they click on a listing to view its page they’ll be redirected to the Plans page to select a plan (if they don’t have a membership yet).

In case of Attributes, if you select this listing restriction you can then select attributes for every plan you add, purchasing this plan will allow users to view the selected attributes (if you limit the number of “reveals” in settings there will be a limited number of views per plan).

Hope this helps.

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