Advice for a private community

I’m trying hivepress to create a private community. Do the extensions allow this operation or do you recommend a compatible plugin or a way to create a homepage with login and the site viewable only to members? Thank you

Hivepress Membership restricts hivepress areas for members only, however, afaik not for the rest of your site.

If you want all your pages to redirect to a login screen if the user is not logged in, you can do this with a plugin or a simple php function. I can provide one for you if you want to customize it yourself without a plugin.

Also, you can use the hivepress login form for this purpose, and under hivepress/settings/users uncheck the checkbox allowing users to register. Then, you are in Control, and you have to create the accounts in the backend for your exlusive members.


For restricting access to the whole website I recommend some third-party plugin, HivePress restricts access to the marketplace and directory features only. You can also try using this code snippet, it redirects non-registered users from the listing pages Hide the listing pages from non-registered users (redirect to login form) #hivepress #listings · GitHub

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thanks :slight_smile:

ok thanks, I’ll try with some plug-ins already tested on other websites

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