After changing the attribute name, the old name is displayed on the backend

I have an attribute that appears in my request form called “Description”.

I have an attribute in my request attributes called “Description”.

If I make changes to the “Description” attribute in WP Dashboard >> Hivepress >> Requests >> Attributes >> Description, such as changing the attribute name from “Description” to “Description1”, then go back to the form (after refreshing the browser or clicking the button on the home page to add a request, the name is not changed.

I created a new attribute called “Description 2” and it behaves based on the attribute settings but I cannot find the attribute called “Description” (except for the one I have that doesn’t appear to be associated with the “Description” attribute that is appearing in the form.

I just moved the “Description” attribute to the trash and the “Description” attribute that was on the request form is still there.


It seems to be a caching issue; if you use a caching plugin, ensure that caching is disabled for logged-in users.

I don’t think we have a caching plug in. at least we don’t have a plugin with caching in it’s name.
I also performed a “flush cache” in WP admin >> Managed Wordpress >> Flush Cache. This attribute remains.

This is the view from “Add Request” in WP Admin, showing our “Description 2” attribute that we created:

Here’s another screenshot of the same “Add Request” in WP Admin, showing where I think the source of the “Description” attribute that we can’t do anything with is coming from:


Please try adding another field name to this attribute; most likely, it conflicts with existing ones.

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