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Hi, I have a problem every time a user creates an account and registers on the site. After creating account instead of disappearing that window that I show below in a jpg and go to the home page, it remains in the window that shows the creation of the account so users keep trying to create it again and again. The process should be as follows:
1- the user creates the account
2- the user is redirected to the home page but they are already in their user account.

Is this possible?

Yes, this is expected behavior - all the fields are cleared (to prevent the form resubmission without filling everything all over again) and the message about email verification is displayed. Redirecting users to the home page without a message may be more confusing. Even if user fills the form again ignoring the message to check their email, there will be an error since the email address is already used.

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Well, I am having a lot of problems with my clients because they fill in the fields, they register and as there are several fields left, they interpret that it has not worked and they try again repeatedly. I think that if the process was saved correctly the client should not continue on that page because it gives rise to error. It is better to remove the client from that window so that he does not try again.

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Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this (although you can set a custom redirect URL if you use the User Registration Form block on a custom page), showing the green “success” message with instructions and resetting all the first should be enough - if someone ignores form messages and re-fills all the fields again they would do the same for Send Message and other forms.

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