Age restriction on registration form

I would like to add a restriction just before users registration. I mean in the register form.
I think that this would be a good solution to avoid managing cookies of users under a certain age and to comply with GDPR age of consent.
A simple mandatory box where users declare they are over 16 years old. Without the check mark they cannot register.
At the moment I use a free plugin to avoid people under 16 years to navigate my website, but it slows the homepage load times and I think it is not the best solution.

I recommend using the existing Terms checkbox, you can set this page in HivePress/Settings/Users/Registration and also change the checkbox text if required (e.g. via Loco Translate), to something like “I am 16+ years old and agree to…”. You can also try using third-party age confirmation and GDPR plugins that show a modal window before displaying any page of the website.

Sorry, I don’t find the Terms checkbox, I have a page to redirect users (Terms of Service).

Yes, if you select a page there (it seems to be already selected on the screenshot), a new checkbox will appear in the registration form with “I agree to…” and a link to the chosen page. You can change this text via Loco Translate to also include something about the age restriction.

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Following the above text i can safely say that the tick box doesn’t actually appear here and makes it impossible to register.


Please make sure that the theme and the included extensions are updated in Dashboard/Updates, there was a bug but we fixed it in the recent versions. Also, make sure that there’s no custom CSS code that may hide this checkbox, and no caching plugins that may cause this (e.g. if the terms page is selected on back-end, but the front-end is still cached so the form has no checkbox).

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