All subcategories not showing

I know it is something I did, but I can not find where - please advise.

On the main page I get a list of all primary categories (attached: screenshot home).

If I select “Personal”, click filter, I get all the sub categories currently active (attached: screenshot personal).

BUT, if I select “Restaurants & Dining”, click filter, I only get Micro Brewery && Mexican. Not the rest including Asian, BBQ, Pizza and Sandwiches. (attached: screenshot dining.

Again, I know I did it, but when I look at each sub cat, even split screen side by side - I can not see a difference between the two that show and the four that do not.

What did I do wrong? head scratch, head scratch, head scratch

Thanks again for everyone’s help.

John Carter

I think you have to uncheck “display subcategories instead of listings”.
Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 22.32.18

They all unchecked - both the main and the subs. Two subs show - four subs do not.

?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Okay, I am closing this because I managed to fix - although I have NO idea why.

When I was going thru verifying all “Display subcategories” were unchecked, I noticed “Mexican” was ‘Order’ 10. Unknown why I would do that.

I backed up and changed it to 0 [zero] like the everything else.

Boom, everything works on cellphone and computer.

Thanks everyone!!!

Thanks for posting the solution, this was most likely a caching issue.

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