All translation removed after plugin update

I updated the booking plugin and all translations with loco translate were removed. how can I save all translations the next time I update the plugin?

And another question, how can I make the plugins to be automatic updated?

When you begin translating, and select the language etc. You also choose a directory where the file is stored. The first option is in the plugin/themes folder that you translate. This is a bad idea, because it will be removed on updates. The two other options are within the Loco plugin folder. This is the way.

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Yes, please always select the Custom location while adding a translation in Loco, this way, the translation file will be stored outside of the plugin folder Adding a language - Loco

You can enable or disable automatic updates for plugins in WordPress/Plugins section.

Thank you.

About the auto-updates, I know that there is an option to enable auto updates. but I can’t see the link of the auto update on plugins like: HivePress Blocks, HivePress Bookings, HivePress Marketplace, HivePress Social Links, and more.

Yes, by default auto-updates are available for plugins listed on only (so free ones), but we’ll check if it’s possible to implement this for our premium extensions if WordPress has API for this.

OK great, thank you!
But for now, how can I update the premium plugins? only through the link in the emails message that contains the download files?

If you set the license key in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/HivePress Store, the updates should appear automatically in the Dashboard/Updates section.

thank you!

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