Allow AdSense space between listings

Hi, I use AdSense as a way to monetize my listinghive site, and unfortunately I can only put an ad before and after a listing block, not between 2 listings. If I could add ads between two listings I would generate much more money with advertising and I believe that allowing users to add Adsense ads between listings and not only before or after a listing block would make your theme much better and profitable for us!

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this feature, this area makes sense for placing ads. Currently there’s a single loop that outputs listings and it’s not possible to interrupt it via an external API.


I hope you will do it soon since the geolocation feature with Google is quite expensive after the free trial period. I have hundreds of users and those who use the geolocation feature to find things are a significant cost for me. I am able to monetize with packages on vendors and the only way to monetize on non-vendor users as well is through AdSense.
If I were able to place ads between listings I would probably compensate the costs deriving from the geolocation feature and it would be awesome for my website.

Hope you will consider this for your next updated version, thank you


This is so important. On my point of view, the most needed update.