Allow buyers to be able to select time slots for multiple days

Currently when a vendor is creating an ad, they are able to either create an add for multiple time slots, OR multiple days. This is set by the administrator on a global level, I think it would be a much more useful integration if the vendor themselves were able to set this on a per listing basis.

To add to this, the other issue I am having with the time slots is you can only select 1 day for the time slot… For example, say I am a user who is looking to rent a 4-wheeler for multiple days, but the website only allows me to select an 8 hour period for day 1 and then I have to checkout, whereas I am looking to select 2 days and both days are for an 8 hour period, in the current iteration, this is not possible.

Thanks for your suggestion, we plan to implement this feature and add an option to manage time-based, daily or nightly bookings on 3 levels: listing, category or globally.

This is the best news ever, thank you very much

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Hi Ihor,
I am looking for the same feature, essentially booking multiple slots across different days, not necessarily one day after another.
Is there a workaround until you update the booking plugin?


Unfortunately, there is no temporary workaround, it will require a custom implementation.

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