Allow for subscription based listings

I know that currently HivePress does not have a feature to allow for subscription based listings, so in our case people would pay a monthly fee to continue to have their listings on our site.

I’m aware the HP team is working on a feature for this, but what to do in the interim? Since the package is in reality, a WooCommerce Product, might we be able to incorporate a plugin such as WooCommerce Subscriptions or something similar to do the same thing? At least until HP’s solution comes out?

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Yes, you can try to connect a subscription product to a package, and the subscription will start, but if you cancel it, the listings will not automatically hide, you need to monitor and do it manually.

Well, we don’t necessarily have listings set to hide but we did custom code functionality on the archive listings a Claim Listing button if a listing is not claimed.

Paid package plug-in has always had issues. When a user buys a paid package it doesn’t complete automatically. Even after marking the package as virtual and downloadable. And it makes it difficult to function properly

Thanks, we’ll try to improve it but the upcoming monetization extension will probably replace its functionality. Currently the Processing status is enough for adding a package automatically, the Completed status is not required (either of these statuses works).

Well, if the upcoming monetization extension replaces things, so be it. It gives us something we should already have in our HivePress toolbox.

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