Allow searching by multiple categories

Hey, in my companies page there’s a bar on the right that allows you to filter the companies. One of the preloaded categories was industry.

The problem is, it’s showing as radio buttons even though I already changed it in my wordpess dashboard to checkboxes.

I want users to be able to filter multiple industries at one time, not just choose only one (like with radio buttons).

In the editing and search sections of the companies---->attributes----->industry, I have field type set to checkboxes. After I hit publish, it’s still showing radio buttons?

What am I missing?

This issue may occur if you use listing categories as industries, unfortunately there’s no way to search by multiple categories at once because these are like listing types (each category can have its specific listing fields and search filters, this would mix them). If there are multiple levels of categories users can still search by the parent category and view all the listings from child categories. Another workaround is using a separate custom Select attribute with Multiple selection enabled.

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