Allow setting GPS coordinates manually or add a point selection on the map

We need to be able to use GPS coordinates for maps instead of addresses - or in addition. In many cases (and especially in my specific case) addresses are just plane wrong and the property appears in the incorrect place. Also for instance a Condo complex may all be the same address but I have 10 different rentals spread across 9 buildings. GPS Coordinates and/or the ability to manually move the marker would solve this issue.

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature to Geolocation, probably via a map with the marker dragging option, or plain text fields for entering latitude/longitude.

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Hi, is there any update on this?
As @ihor said, the DB will store lat, long, and place title, so I wonder why not allow us to enter it manually, but require map API results?

I see that this feature has been raised by many for at least 1 year, but still no action from your side. Maybe you’re too busy updating other features. In that case, is there any guide or anyway for us to modify this action by ourself?

This is very important!

I found a workaround though in the mean time.

I changed my service to Google Maps, and google maps allows you to pin point coordinates in, then you can copy paste that address into hivepress form. That way addresses will become ugly, but you’ll find precision which for me was more important.

I hope this can help you in your project.