Allow spending the account balance within the marketplace

Hello there,

I was browsing through the forum but couldn’t really find an answer to this. Is there an existing plugin (e.g. marketplace) or a new feature in the plans for receiving internal “points” or currency and then spending it on something? The scenarios would go like this:

As a user, I want to sell (rent) an item and receive a payment so that I could spend it in the platform later.
As a user, I want to buy (rent) items on the marketplace from the balance that I have accumulated through selling (renting) my own items.

Hope the idea is clear. I’m almost sure that the first part is covered by the Marketplace plugin, but I’m not so sure about the second part of spending the balance.

Thank you!


Thanks for your feedback, this feature totally makes sense for the Marketplace plugin and we’ll consider adding it. Currently, it may be possible if you use some wallet extension for WooCommerce, but the integration of the wallet balance and the HivePress account balance may be required.

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Any predictions for this feature or alternative? I was very interested!

There’s no ETA for it yet, but we’ll try to research and implement this as soon as possible.