Allow users to delete messages

hi, I tried to create 2 users, and to send internal messages between them. Everything ok, the system works, even the email alert. But the point is this: how can a user delete messages after reading them? Thanks for your help.

There’s no such option at the moment, but thanks - I changed this topic title into a feature request and we’ll consider adding it. Please describe the use-case for this, this may help to understand why this feature is required. In some cases it may cause fraud, e.g. if user promised something prior to the purchase and then deleted their message.

if the user has promised something before the purchase and has sent the message, this message cannot delete it in the account of the recipient, I said to delete the messages that arrive in the account, which are no longer needed. Try to imagine if 100 people write to you, you will have a page full of messages and the ones you don’t need will be frustrating not being able to delete them. I think this is an important function of deleting a message from the account.

Do you mean allowing the sender or recipient to delete the message? It doesn’t seem to make much sense for the recipient because messages are separated by conversations already (and most recent conversations always appear at the top, so the old ones will move to the bottom as more conversations start), but we’ll consider adding an option for the recipient to delete the conversation - thanks.