Allow users to preview listings

I think this could be quite useful for vendors. Right now it’s quite hard to know what your listing will look like until they see the approved final listing. I imagine there are two ways of doing this:

  1. There could be a button on the right side of the listing form that says “preview listing” which will open a new tab and display a draft of their listing page. I’d assume this could maybe work by creating a draft version of their listing and continually saving edits. This could also double as a “saved draft” feature where if a vendor leaves the listing form, they can return to it and finish the listing.
  2. Or their could be an empty skeleton layout of the listing page where vendors can edit each respective part of the listing. (ie. add pictures directly to the slider, change the title at the top, etc.)
    Heres a basic example:

    This will probably work best with mulitple pages for creating a listing similar to what fiverr does now.

Thanks for your feedback, this feature is already on the roadmap and we’ll try to implement it as soon as possible.

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