Allow users to receive emails on a specific frequency

Can you please add features for users to set how often they want to receive emails e.g. when a record matches their criteria, or weekly as a digest

Thank you

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this feature. Currently all emails are triggered on some event, you can try using some newsletter services like Mailchimp for recurring emails with digests or other info.

If we put ourselves in the vendor’s shoes, the volume of emails is important. Right now vendor users are receiving 100+ emails/day so I had to disable email notifications, I expect to grow and have higher volumes. It’s essentially spam to a recipient o receive 100 emails/day every day, every time a new request is added… need to reduce the volume…

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Yes, I totally agree - we added this “email notification for any new request” feature as a temporary workaround, we plan to integrate Requests with Search Alerts so vendors will be able to set alerts for specific searches (e.g. notify about any new request within Handymen category in New York).


Is this feature live now “email notification for any new request”? if so where?

Yes, please enable it in HivePress/Settings/Requests section, then vendors will get an email notification for every new approved request.

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Hi, I think this is the same thing that I was also looking for, so I’m commenting on this thread as per your forum rules - there is a job board plugin with this feature that I think would be excellent for Hivepress (…perhaps it could be added/integrated with the paid addon “Search Alerts”?) - I have attached a screenshot, plus here is the link to the live demo showing it: JobSearch WP Job Board WordPress Plugin Preview - CodeCanyon

Can it be done? (please please, pretty please!)

Unfortunately there’s no way to integrate it, but this feature seems like a nice addition to the Search Alerts extension, we added this feature to the roadmap.

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Great! Look forward to it, thank you

Hi ihor, is there any way of letting us know once/if this enhanced search alerts feature is available in future? As Id like to be notified if it is ever available. Thanks!

Sure, you can subscribe to our newsletter but there’s no ETA for this feature yet. You can try using our Search Alerts extension, it doesn’t send a digest of new listings, but it notifies users about a new listing (at least 1) matching their search criteria.