Allow users to sell video content

Hi, I know that if I activate the “Require file upload” vendors can upload a file that will be available for download to those purchasing the digital download (visible in Order section), as explained here

What I am looking for is the possibility of allowing vendors to EMBED the video by using a link to an external platform/player that can be embedded into the listing (and restricted before purchase).

So basically the vendor puts a link to his video content inside a field attribute
The user purchases the product
The user is able to stream the video by finding it somewhere (maybe in the orders).

The goal is to avoid vendors to upload directly on my website heavy videos that can slow it down. If I embed videos that can get streamed directly elsewhere (e.g. YouTube private playlists) I can save resources.

Thank you


Unfortunately there’s no such video-specific feature in Marketplace yet, but this may be possible with advanced customizations. If I understand correctly, you want to embed only the beginning of the video or add watermarks to it?

I want to embed the whole video via embed link so the video can be streamed on my site but it’s actually uploaded on another platform (such as YouTube).
I want the video to be protected by a payment gateway just like the Hivepress “FILE” attribute (the one you can activate by requiring vendors to upload a file protected by a gateway of payment).

Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, but this may be possible with customizations. If you mean embedding the video by URL of the attached file (e.g. MP4 format) into the page (e.g. order page) then it’s easier than showing a sample of the video before the purchase (and selling access to the rest) or watermarking it.

Yeah the solution you’re offering could be close to what I’m looking for. How can I do that (embedding the video by URL into the page) but still restricting it with a payment gateway?

It’s possible, but this requires customizations in the WooCommerce order page template, unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for this.

What if the attribute “File” (the one that gets displayed to the user after purchase so he can download the media content) is replaced by an attribute “Link” so at least the vendor can place a link to his video that gets showed to the buyer once he pays for it? Is this possible? Instead of having an attribute “attachment” it should just be an attribute “text” to paste the link.


Yes, it is possible, but it will require a custom implementation.

And please note that if this is a public URL, for example, to YouTube, then those who have already bought it will be able to share it.

Ok, is there any possibile code for achieving this?


Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, it would require a custom implementation. If customizations beyond the available features are required for your site, please consider hiring someone for custom work

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